Which are the animal classes?

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In order to better study the animals, scientists have categorized them according to their characteristics. The general classification / categorization of animals is based on whether they have a spine or not. They are therefore divided into vertebrates (animals with backbones) and invertebrates (animals without backbones).

Category Subcategory Description
VERTEBRATES Amphibians They are born and grow up initially in the water. They then develop the ability to live on land. They lay eggs in the water (e.g. frog)
Reptiles They have dry skin and live either in water or on land. Some have legs, which are relatively small. (e.g. snake)
Fish They live and reproduce in the water. They have scales, fins and gills. (e.g. bream)
Birds They have wings and lay eggs with hard shell. Some of them can fly and some others cannot (e.g. chicken)
Mammals Animals that breastfeed newborns. They live in the air (fly), in the water or on land. (e.g. human)
INVERTEBRATES Annelids Animals with long and soft skin living in the ground or in the water. (e.g. worms)
Arthropods They have legs and their body is covered with hard shell. (e.g. insects, spiders)
Crustaceans Animals with soft body living on land or in water (e.g. squid). Some of them have a hard shell. (e.g. lobster)
Sponges Their body has many tiny pores. They live mainly attached to rocks in the water.
Echinoderms Their body is covered with plaques or hard needles. (e.g. Sea urchin)
Cnidarians They live in the sea and produce poison with which they kill their prey, which are usually small marine animals. (e.g. jellyfish)