Stockholm, the city of the north that will charm you!

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Stockholm is the capital and largest city in Sweden with a population of over 2 million. This city, also known as Venice of the North because of its many canals, promises to offer you magical images and memories. The clean air and the cleanliness of the city will surely make a terrific impression. It’s really a fascinating destination, although relatively more expensive than the southern European countries.

The 10 proposed activities and attractions are:

  1. Gamla Stan (Old Town)
  2. Sverige’s Kungahus (The Palace)
  3. Vasa Museum
  4. Djurgården (A beautiful park)
  5. Stadshuset (City Hall)
  6. Boat Cruise
  7. SkyView The Globe
  8. Stockholm Cathedral
  9. Skansen & Zoo (Open Museum and Zoo)
  10. Fotografiska Museet (Photo Museum)