These are the 10 longest rivers in Europe!

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Longest rivers in Europe

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You may have been wondering which the longest rivers in Europe are. Here is the list of the top 10, along with their approximate length and the countries they flow through!

  1. Volga – With a length of approx. 3530km, Volga is the longest river in Europe! The river flows through Central Russia and into the Caspian Sea.
  2. Danube – Its length is approx. 2850km and is the second longest river in Europe, and most probably the most known in the continent. Originating in Germany, the Danube flows southeast, passing through or bordering Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine before draining into the Black Sea.
  3. Ural – Length: approx. 2428km. It flows through Russia and Kazakhstan in Eurasia. It originates in the southern Ural Mountains and discharges into the Caspian Sea.
  4. Dnieper – Length: approx. 2200km. It flows through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to the Black Sea.
  5. Don – Length: approx. 1870km. It passes through Russia.
  6. Pechora – Length: approx. 1809km. It’s in northwest Russia and it flows north into the Arctic Ocean on the west side of the Ural Mountains.
  7. Kama – Length: approx. 1805km. It flows through Russia and is the longest left tributary of the Volga.
  8. Oka – Length: approx. 1500km. It flows through Russia and is the longest right tributary of the Volga. The Russian capital Moscow sits on one of the Oka’s tributaries—the Moskva River.
  9. Belaya – Length: approx. 1430km. Its source lies in the south-western Ural Mountains, it flows through Russia and into the Kama River.
  10. Dniester – Length: approx. 1352km. It runs first through Ukraine and then through Moldova (from which it separates the breakaway territory of Transnistria), finally discharging into the Black Sea on Ukrainian territory again.