Ouzo: Learn how is made with a few words!

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Ouzo - Ούζο

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Ouzo is an aperitif belonging to the category of distilled alcoholic beverages and is produced exclusively in Greece but is also exported abroad.

It is produced from the distillation of alcohol of agricultural origin, in the presence of various aromatic herbs with the most important being anise.

According to law, for its production at least 20% of the alcohol is required to go through the distillation process in order to be flavored with the herbs and the fruits of the recipe. Some producers choose to create ouzo 100% from distillation. In this way they achieve better refining, as all the alcohol of agricultural origin passes through the distillation process, creating ouzo with a more harmonious and soft texture.

Distillation is done in special distilleries, which are traditionally made of copper. After distillation, maturation follows (e.g. in large stainless-steel tanks) and then bottling.

It is served with cool water and / or ice added.

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