Who was Confucius?

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Confucius was born in 551 B.C. in China. He was an influential philosopher, teacher and political figure known for his popular aphorisms and for his models of social interaction. His teachings were focused on creating ethical models of family and public interaction, and setting educational standards.

Confucius’s principles had a basis in common Chinese tradition and belief. He championed strong family loyalty, ancestor veneration, and respect of elders by their children and of husbands by their wives. The philosophy of Confucius emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity.

He espoused the well-known principle “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself”, as the Golden Rule. One other famous aphorism of Confucius is “Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life”

The thoughts and ideas of Confucius are known as Confucianism.

He died in 479 BC at the age of 71 years from natural causes.