This is how we can produce electricity using the wind! (Wind energy)

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Wind Energy

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Wind energy converts kinetic energy from the air to generate electricity or mechanical energy. This is done using a large wind turbine usually consisting of propellers. The turbine could either be connected to a generator to generate electricity or used as a mechanical energy to perform tasks such as pumping water. As the wind passes through the turbines, it moves the blades, which turn the shaft.

To generate electricity from the wind, the turbine shaft must be connected to a generator. The generator uses the shaft rotation motion to rotate a rotor that has oppositely charged magnets and is surrounded by copper wire loops. Electromagnetic induction is generated by the rotor rotating around the inside of the core, generating electricity.

The electricity generated by the use of wind energy has to pass through a transformer in order to increase its voltage and to make successful long-distance transport. Once the power is transferred to the areas we want, it must be turned back to a lower voltage that can be safely used by businesses and homes.