Which are the 10 airports with the largest passenger traffic?

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The airport with the largest passenger traffic for 2018 was Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International in Atlanta, USA, with 110,531,300 passengers. The first 10 airports are:

  1. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International (Atlanta, USA) with 110,531,300
  2. Beijing Capital International (Beijing, China) with 100,011,000
  3. Los Angeles International (Los Angeles, USA) with 88,068,013
  4. Dubai International (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) with 86,396,757
  5. Chicago O’Hare International (Chicago, USA) with 84,397,776
  6. Tokyo International – Haneda (Tokyo, Japan) with 75,316,718
  7. London Heathrow (London, Great Britain) with 80,844,310
  8. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Shanghai, China) with 76,153,500
  9. Charles de Gaulle International (Paris, France) with 76,150,007
  10. Dallas Fort Worth International (Dallas, USA) with 75,066,956

These 10 airports have a total passenger traffic volume of around 860 million in 2018!